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Aluminum Dissecting Pan

Scientific Labwares offers the Aluminum Dissecting Pan Made from One-Piece ASTM Standard (B209-10) Aluminum Sheet A major tool in dissection

Aluminum Moisture-free Sample Box

Features of Aluminum Moisture-free Sample Box are: Made from one-piece ASTM Standard (B209-10) Aluminum sheet Excellent for moisture determinations in

Disposable Dermal Curates, Sterile, Different Sizes

Scientific Labwares offers Best Disposable Dermal Curates, has the following features: Seamless stainless steel extremely sharp cutting-edge designed for scraping

Double Action Vial Decapper for Vials & Bottles (Multiple Sizes)

Features of Double Action Vial Decapper Use it to easily remove aluminum crimp tops from vials and bottles Smooth and

Dressing Jars with Cover, Stainless Steel (1-1/4 or 1-7/8)

Feature of Dressing Jars with Cover Volume: 1.1 L and 1.8 L. Heavy glass jar with loose-fitting stainless steel cover

Ergonomic Stainless Steel Forceps

Histology Ergonomic Forceps are ideal for pathologists’ assistants, residents, and persons performing extended multiple case dissections. Effortless squeeze-tension makes these

Forged Stainless Steel Paper Shears Short Blade

Feature of Forged Stainless Steel Paper Shears Made From ASTM (899-94) Special Cutlery Steel For cutting cardboard and light metals

Graduated Beaker with Handles 1000 mL

Features of Graduated Beaker with Handles Volume: 1000 mL. Made of 18-8 stainless steel and graduated in both ounces and

Griffin Beakers with Handle, Stainless Steel


Exaggerated flared bead and pouring spout. Won't rust, chip or peel. Capacity full mark near the top of beaker assures accurate measuring.

  • Stainless steel

  • Latex-free

Hardwood Lab Scoop handle 4″

Scientific Labwares offers a hardwood lab scoop handle Hardwood handle fastens to either end of Scoopula spatula TS223 Extends reach

Heavy-Duty Steel Crucible

Scientific Labwares offers Heavy-Duty Steel Crucible Made From ASTM Standard (899-94) Series 400 Stainless Steel Heavy-duty crucibles are designed for

Ingredient Beaker, Stainless Steel, 2-1/8 QT

Scientific Labwares offers the Best Quality Ingredient Beaker Volume: 2.0L. Heavy seamless construction and smooth finish for easy cleaning and