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Minimal prices

We are vertically-integrated from the manufacturing through the importation and distribution of our products. Powered by our parent company: Surgical Design, with no third-party involved. This allows for minimal price points that we are able to turn over to our associates.

Ease of supply

Our vast network allows us control the the flow of our products from creation to our distribution centers. With warehouses in Virginia and near Washington DC, we are able to easily supply the North American continent. Our factories and warehouses in Asia allow our fine products to be distributed into the European, Asian, Australian and African markets.


With 200+ skilled craftsmen and countless administrative staff. We are delighted to provide superior instruments and excellent customer service.

What we offer.

Offer variety

We specialize in metal labware, including, but not limited to: tongs and clamps, dissection & surgical scissors, scalpels, precision tweezers, thumb and hemostatic forceps of all kinds, spatulas, micro spatulas and lab spoons of all types and sizes, test tube baskets, viscometers, dissection tools and kits and much more.

Guarantee quality

All Scientific Labwares Instruments are produced under strict quality- control criteria, meeting or exceeding all ASTM standards from our ISO certified (9001, 9002 & EN46002), CE Mark and FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility. Certificates of Quality and Material, as well as, any registration documentation can be provided upon request.

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